Life at The VAT Team

The People

You will be working with a group of professionals who are dedicated to client services, and have a strong team mentality. Our team working is so important to us that we have protected, scheduled time every month during work hours just to spend some time doing something fun as a team.

We have a non-judgmental working framework, that provides flexibility around your work schedule, so you can have the life you want outside of your career without having to choose which you value most. You will be trusted to arrange your working pattern in order to give your best work self for just the hours you are contracted for. That way you can be present in your non-work life for the things that are important to you as a person, whether that’s children, friends, family, or you time.

Dedicated teams mean you do the work you are passionate about, whether you are part of the technical VAT delivery team or the Operations team that keep things running smoothly, we all do our bit, using and developing our chosen skills and career path.

Working together to achieve common and individual goals, you always have the support of the rest of the team. As a VAT consultant, you have the support of the operations team, handling your scheduling, WIP entries, the marketing and billing. This gives you have the space and time to focus on the VAT work, developing your VAT knowledge and skills in that highly collaborative environment most “VATies” yearn to be part of. Those in the operations team are vital to the smooth running internally and externally and are valued for everything they add to the client, and team working. That’s why everyone that works in The VAT Team is in our bonus scheme!

The Benefits

  • Roles designed to meet your strengths, with progression framework that is tailormade and based on personal and professional skills and goals.
  • Baseline bonus, and a team bonus scheme for all employees.
  • Flexibility of hours and workplace to suit business and personal needs
  • 25 days annual leave + week long shutdown (no holiday required) in December holiday period to ensure complete downtime over the festive period.

The Location

Based in Cambridge, but operating nationally, our team is trusted by top accountancy firms to deliver integrated ‘white labelled’ VAT services for their clients. We maintain that trust by having an amazing team of individuals working together to achieve career and business goals.