Our experience

The VAT Team has over 100 years collective experience, across accounting firms, inhouse rolesand HMRC, working with organisations in multiple sectors and sizes ranging SMEs to large corporates and non-profits. On top of that our CEO is the National Technical Chair of The VAT Practitioner’s Group, being its representative on various governmental and industry working groups.

Sector specialisms

Our team has a deepened knowledge and enthusiasm for the following sectors, but our skills stretch over every area of business:

  • Land and Property
  • International
  • Charity and not-for-profit
  • Healthcare
  • Education


Our team’s expertise has built over the years and through our varied career paths, benefiting every project, however big or small. This experience and honed skill enables us to bring particular clarity in the following:

  • VAT compliance reviews
  • VAT liability of income determination
  • Maximising VAT recovery (inc. devising and negotiating Partial Exemption Special Methods, special Capital Good Scheme methods and business/non-business apportionment methods)
  • Business restructuring
  • HMRC disputes
  • Tribunals and litigation

Key achievements

Our team delivers exceptional work every day. We have pulled out some highlights that really exemplify why working with the VAT Team adds exceptional value to your practice.

  • Achieved a complete reversal of an HMRC decision that could have cost the client their business upon conclusion of a statutory review – no mean feat! We were able to get the assessment set aside, which would have cost the client £2.7m, and was the result of HMRC incorrectly applying UK VAT legislation to the client’s particular fact pattern on the export of goods from the UK (unfortunately not as uncommon as you’d hope!).
  • Took the initiative to extend the scope of options being considered to reduce VAT costs for one client, resulting in recovery of an additional £125,000 of VAT per annum. We were asked to consider the additional VAT recoverable by implementing a VAT group or Partial Exemption Special Method. The maximum benefit of either of these options would have seen the client net an additional £30,000. We identified a third option, which was not only £95,000 more beneficial but has the added bonus of less administrative burden than the other options being considered.
  • Completed a successful project to minimise the impact of reduced taxable use of a building (during lockdown) within the Capital Goods Scheme. Having identified that the client was a perfect candidate for a temporary “covid special partial exemption method” in which pre pandemic income levels could be used for the VAT recovery calculation. Read more

Our growing delivery team have worked in both industry and practice, as well as running their own businesses. We really do have it all! Take a look at our case studies in full.

Our team’s work is all white labelled, so we can deliver the work in the same way as any other department or employee of your firm. Not only do we become part of your team, your clients know us as one of you, but we can also help you identify the growth strategy for the VAT offering and Team to support and help achieve your goals for the firm. Get in touch directly to find out more about us and our problem solving offerings.

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