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The VAT Team are the leading outsourced, white labelled specialist
UK VAT advisory provider for full service accountancy firms.

Many accountancy firms are struggling to satisfy the unprecedented demand for VAT services, as clients try to navigate the ever-changing complexity and risks of the VAT regime. This capacity issue is compounded by a VAT recruitment crisis, making it increasingly impossible to fully respond to this need.

As a result, client relationships can become strained - jeopardising the lucrative, repeat audit and tax revenue.

Accountancy firms across the UK report the following challenges:
  • Experienced staff being poached by other firms, often resulting in loss of clients and or other team members further reducing resources.
  • Lack of qualified advisors available in the recruitment market to join your team and meet existing client demand for VAT services.
  • Inability to flex staff capacity to meet workload requirements leading to either lost business opportunities or underutilised staff time and poor return on staff investment.

The VAT Team offer the solution

Flexibly increasing the firm’s VAT capacity, efficiency and quality of advice; providing an expert, dedicated, white labelled VAT service. More accountancy firms are now choosing to use The VAT team to provide a solid and stable VAT resource to satisfy existing client demand, grow their client bases and achieve significant return on investment.

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"This is the future of VAT services"

— VAT Partner in a London Accountancy Practice.

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